James Allen

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen Foreword This little volume (the result of meditation and experience) is not intended as an exhaustive treatise on the much-written upon subject of the power of thought. It is suggestive rather than explanatory, its object being to stimulate men and women to the discovery and perception of the truth that - "They themselves are makers of themselves" by virtue of the thoughts which they choose and encourage; that mind is the master weaver, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance, and that, as they may have hitherto woven in ignorance and pain they may now weave in enlightenment and happiness. James Allen (An alternative to reading the 7 chapters of his online book that starts from here is to scroll to the bottom or click here to advance there automatically to play the full recording.) Chapter One Thought and Character The aphorism, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he," not only embraces the wh

Chong Sun Fu

As a Man Seeketh   This little volume is the result of over 40 years of writing my personal journals or over 60 years of living life on earth seeking to find the Meaning & Purpose of Life. Right from my vivid days of lying down in a large baby cot as the 7th child of my goodly parents, I was already pondering about life. I was well guided by my parents, my mother being typical of women in those days who had received less formal education compared to men like my father who studied in Penang Free School built by the British and had the opportunity to be sent to England to be qualified in Photogrammetry and Aerial Surveys . My mother was a busy housewife and mother of 7 children. I was born in British Malaya after it became independent from it's colonial rulers to become the country of Malaysia. My world began in a home that was what was called a government quarters, originally built by the British government where my father was called a government servant. He worked as a land su


  In Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, outlines a new understanding of life based on his pioneering research with stem cells at Stanford University. In his book, Dr. Lipton proclaims that genes do not control biology, and that cellular perceptions of the environment are the primary factor in biological processes.  Proteins are the staff of life, the physical gears that orchestrate the movements of biology. There are estimated to be about 100,000 different kinds of proteins in the human body. Today, medical students and practitioners are still operating under the assumption that genes, the blueprints that proteins are made from, are the primary factor in biological processes.  When James Watson and Francis Crick first visualized the molecular structure of DNA in 1953, the scientific community believed they had found the ultimate secret to life. The widely accepted understanding is that genetic information stored within the DNA is enough to explain all of molecular biology and he