Chong Sun Fu - As A Man Doeth

A picture paints a thousand words.... Here are the replacements for a million words!


Body domain in the tripartite nature of Man with WEI Western Eastern Interaction of Man & others he relates to in the world.

Nunchaku video of Bruce Lee


1971 Thailand

1990 Thailand

1976 Western Europe

1993 Hong Kong


1983 Jan
1983 Dec

Mind domain in the tripartite nature of Man. CHI Computer Human Interaction of Man & creations of his Mind.  

1983 Comdex Las Vegas
1984 Computer show in Kuala Lumpur
1985 Hotel presentations for local professional bodies.

From a hardware business, we successfully transformed into a software and management consulting business

Continued training and motivation was necessary to keep up with fast changing trends in the world.
What I was doing was inline with fast changing trends in the world to have ongoing research to develop an OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking system that I could customize to solve different problems of the Body Mind Spirit nature that was necessary to achieve optimal results. 

Most of my life was spent in trying to be a useful and helpful person. Just before the Pandemic of 2020, a new project was initiated downtown Kuala Lumpur that isn't about technology alone but sustainability. www.BlueBoyMansion.

Spirit domain in the tripartite nature of Man. SHI Spirit Human Interaction of Man & the power of faith. 

Tears are flowing in my eyes to feel that I can't write anything more than these short words to say that it wasn't me who "Doeth It" all, best explained from my journal that starts here.
This "As a Man Doeth" is the third of a series I felt appropriate after the first on "Thinketh" and second on "Seeketh".


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