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Deep Learning & Deep Change

On my Happy Day, Friday 24 April 2021  From The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Some years ago, I was online reading an article from the Church website that can be read by clicking the photo above or  here. I was impressed by this paragraph, "The learning that allows each of you to rise “to the full stature of your divine potential” is what I will call deep learning: learning of the whole soul—the mind, the heart, the body, and the immortal spirit. Deep learning applies to every kind of knowledge, whether spiritual or secular. Learning is deep when it increases your power to do three things: (1) to know and understand; (2) to take effective, righteous action; and (3) to become more like our Heavenly Father." In 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown started in March in Malaysia, I had just completed the renovation and furnishing of a new office at Blue Boy Mansion and moved all my books from home to the book shelves at the office. I've certainly kept a l

Conversations over email with a Consciousness thinker and writer

February 19, 2021 Subject: Hello I made a friend request in your Facebook account. Are you able to accept me as I came across your extensive research on Consciousness that I'm very interested in? You are 92 and I'm 62 so I believe I can learn more from you. I have been writing my journals for self-reflection for the past over 40 years and you can click this link to know what I've shared in a number of websites I named to cover the theme of my writings. Warm regards and look forward to connect with you. Sun Fu Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia     Feb 23, 2021   Dear Sun Fu,   Thanks for your interesting email. I must confess that I hardly check my Facebook as I receive seldomly interesting mail. The anomaly is that whereas I have 350.000 subscribers on YouTube on my own website Man and the Unknown I receive hardly ever responses to my ideas exposed there.   But at my age one is not tempted to write long intellectual discussions. As one grows older